Assignment 3 Level 3

Assignment 3 Level 3

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In this assignment I will be talking about game development and the stages that you would have to take to create a game, I will also be talking about the tools used to create

Game Development Stages

When making games there are several stages that you have to go through these are:



This is the start of the idea of the game it consists of a 1 to 4 page document which contains some concept art in order to give a feel of what the game will be like. A concept is normally something new for example if you are going to make a game where you would only have to shoot people that would not be a new concept but if you made one where houses could walk and run then that would be a new concept.

Concept would be made using:

Word Processing
Image Creation Software
Presentation Software

Word processing Software such as Microsoft Office Word or Open Office Writer would be used to type up the document that will explain features and functionalities of the game for example guns that can make people come to life.

Image creation software such as Adobe Photoshop or Corel Painter are used to create concept art which will be used to pass on a mood to the audience and make them see what the characters would look like.

Presentation Software such as Microsoft Office PowerPoint or Open Office Impress is used to present the concept if you don’t want to type up the entire document or summarise the Concept.


Prototyping is used to show that the idea works. It is done by making a draft version of the game. The game is not yet playable as it would have too many bugs and would probably only be one level. The graphics would also be very low as you would not need to have very high graphics to show an idea to someone unless you will be trying to prototype the graphics of the game.

When making a prototype of a game you would have to consider:

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