America the Home of the League

America the Home of the League

American legion Essay

America the home of the brave, the land that I love. If you haven’t noticed this quote is used a lot by Americans. But what do we all really mean? Is it just something that we have to say? Or is it something that we truly and always will mean. To some people this quote may seem different to others it may be similar or the same. But to me this quote is more then eleven words.

The first quote is not more important or less important. They are about the same. America. The first word of this overly heard quote all around America. America to most means freedom. Have the right to what you want to do and the right to what you want to say. But America is also the home of the brave. As so heard in the quote. We have many heroes. Not just the ones that are heard around the world. But ones they may not have as much credit for what they do. As for example fire fighters. They save peoples lives everyday. And police officers save you from crime. The paramedics help keep you alive. But there are other heroes also people who fight in the wars. They are so brave. Helping their country even though they know they could die. They don’t care as long as their country is safe. This is not fake crime fighting that you read in comic books. It’s real. All the things they go through every day just to help you and our country stay together. Really they’re some of the best idols that you can have or may ever have. There are so many heroes in America that people do not realize. Its pretty crazy that you could just look at a person and know what they have been through and want to get in there mind and just be like why did u sacrifice your life. Most of there answers would be I would do anything for my country. America the home of the brave.

The land that I love. To me that means America and all the opportunities that have for us. America lets us have freedom of almost everything. It has so many doors for us. It is just are responsibility for us to open them....

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