American Lit Essay

American Lit Essay

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Corey Renna

HM202 A002 Win 08 (HM202 A002 Win 08)

Essay #1

We can write all day long about Realism because of its past. The way “Realism” developed into American history is amazing in itself, but if you are an outsider just inquiring about “Realism” you need to first understand how much of a broad aspect that Realism covers. In the form of ART, Realism covers sixteen sub-categories and the rest follows; International relations there are seven, in Law there are three, In Philosophy there are twenty-six, In Physics there is two, and in other related fields there is five sub-categories. Often times in our education system literature courses are passed over or only offered to advanced students who have a higher comprehension level. Educating our children in school in American Literature I believe is very important. It not only is important to teach them about an aspect such as “Realism” in literature but the history of it, for them to understand it, but most importantly for them to see how it relates to them on a personnel level as well as a educational level. I believe there can be a reasonable standard format of “Realism” that can be taught to all educational levels.

Comparing the era in which we have discussed thus far to where we are today in a “Realistic” aspect and literature format is difficult but easy in the same sense. Some of the greatest writers have written their master pieces for which they are recognized for and have passed on and we still study them. If there was a comparative study done on why students drop American Literature classes I think one valid reason would be for the lack of interest in the subject and there not being anything they can relate too, I’m not saying that Literature has to relate but with the ever changing era and the further we pull away from the 18th and 19th Centuries the further our cultural based ideals and relative aspects of life that we relate to grow apart. If we utilized “Realistic” literature and applied...

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