American Obesity

American Obesity

Title- American Eating Healthier, Obesity Levels Stabilizing
Source- Progressive Grocer
Date- 11/1/13


According to NPD’s 28th annual “Eating Patterns in America,” the United States of America’s obesity percentages are beginning to decrease. More and more families are trying to stabilize their weight by shifting to a better diet. Although many families are not losing any weight, they are not gaining any either. Fruit is now one of the main foods Americans are eating. Surprisingly, fruit is eaten more then milk and soda. One of the main problems that the NPD has discovered is that an average child consumes about 4 snacks a day, which could definitely lead to childhood obesity. The US now realizes this and knows that it is a huge problem. According to the report on 11/1/13 obesity levels are beginning to decrease. It is great that America is trying to be healthier and hopefully we can keep it up.


Obesity is a very big problem in the United States and I find it great that people are trying to change that. I am surprised how many snacks an average child has a day, but I am not amazed that it could lead to childhood obesity. I find it crazy that fruit is the second, most eaten food in America. I had no idea that it was eaten so often. I know it is hard for a lot of people to be healthy because normally, healthier food is much more expensive then unhealthy food. I think the price of fruits and vegetables are way to high and I believe country has to change this. I am very happy to know America’s obesity levels are decreasing and I hope more and more people decide to live a healthier life style.


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