An American

An American

An American is not delineated by a particular skin color or way of life.
He is a person from many places, with many shades of skin; of different sizes and varied energies.
He has a masters degree, or he may have never have finished high school.
He may drive an expensive car, or perhaps relies on two muscles to carve
his living out of the earth. But regardless of what hes is, lacing the
different physical features together is a bond of strength in tradition
wich exemplifies the American way; a way wich opens the doors of opportunity
to all peoples who may knock on them. An American has a spirit wich was born
when the bell tolled of independence, and wich has released the adrenalin of
his nation time and time again when its existence was threatened by an agressor.

An American dose not view armed conflict as a means of getting what he wants,but
rather as a means of protecting what he has. He is one who loves the very concept of
Peace For All Nations, but will not hesitate to fight on the shores of others to protect his own
An American sees the knowlege of expirience in his past, feels pride in the accomplishments of the present,
and has hope for the future of the world. even when others would view the days to come with dismay.
But a realistic american finds no guarantee of freedom or security in the future solely because he has always had it in the past.

An American recognises the faults of his system and seeks to correct them through unknown to many nations.
A process wich dose not promise absolute perfection, but one wich allows for peacful change, if change is needed.
That process is democracy, and an american holds that word so dear, that HE STANDS READY AT A MOMENTS NOTICE TO

An American finds nothing at all unusual about getting cold chills when his flag passes in review, for his flag has always been a source of
inspiration;when the smoke cleared ovet Fort McHenry, when its sheen...

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