An Inspector Calls - Characters

An Inspector Calls - Characters

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Arthur Birling
Sybil Birling
Eric Birling
Sheila Birling
Gerald Croft
Inspector Goole

His character is consistent throughout the play; he is not affected by being confronted with the effects of his actions. The play starts with the Birlings and Gerald on the table. He passes the port to Gerald and says that port was the same that Gerald’s father would get. Here Birling wants to appear to be as good as the Croft family.

Arthur is good at heart therefore he wants to complement the chef on his good food. Birling through his daughter’s marriage aspires to have a better social standing and hopes for the merger of the two companies quote “Crofts and Birlings are working together for lower costs and higher prices.

Quote “Just because Kaiser makes a speech or two German officers have too much to drink and begin talking nonsense, you’ll hear some people say that war is inevitable. And to that I say fiddlesticks”. This shows that Birling is not aware of what is going on in the world and he thinks that he is always right.

He is a hard headed business man and is not really bothered about the working class quote “Just because the miners came out on strike there is a lot of wild talk ……don’t worry….. We’re in for a time of steadily increasing prosperity”. He does not think much of Eric and treats him like a young boy. He has an attitude of a person who knows everything. He also feels that his daughter marrying above her social status and is thankful to Gerald for being there. Mr. Birling also seems to understand that it is important for women to be well dressed as it increases her self-respect. He is also of the opinion that everyone has to take care of his/her own interest. Quote “Yes, yes”. Quote “Horrid business”. But I don’t understand why u should come here”. This shows that he is not compassionate and he hardly cares if the girl lives or dies Quote “Eva Smith?” This shows that he hardly...

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