The Inspector Calls

The Inspector Calls

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An Inspector Calls was written by J.B Priestley in 1945, coincidently it is set in 1912, at the home of the Birling family who are celebrating the engagement of their daughter Sheila to Gerald Croft, a wealthy young and handsome man in his prime years. The Birlings are known as ‘neveux reiche’ or ‘new money’ thus their biggest concern is social status. During the industrial revolution it became possible to make money through owning factories. While ordinary people were becoming rich the currently rich unfortunately looked down upon them, they referred to them as new money or neveux riche.

While the Birling family are celebrating the engagement an ‘inspector’ interrupts and arrogantly starts interrogating them all in the involvement of the suicide of a girl named Eva smith. At this point the lighting might go harsh to symbolise that the truth will be revealed.

During 1912 85% of the country’s wealth was split between 5% of the population, this meant that while a small amount were living in opulence a lot of people were on the brink of starvation.

The politics of 1912 involved the existing conservative party who stood for rewarding the rich and successful, and the newly formed Labour party. They however believed in power to the workers and equality.

Priestley was originally from Yorkshire ‘up north’, there was however a clear divide between north and south, up north was the poor and industrial. Some may call him a war hero as his efforts in WW1 didn’t go un-noticed. Although he bestowed quite a wealthy background he was committed to the Left wing. Through rich education he was able to obtain a degree from Cambridge, but his true ambitions fell in writing. Priestley is now known for his political linguistic work.

Although the play was written in 1945 it was set in 1912, this allowed Priestley to apply dramatic irony throughout certain points in the play, this is mostly used when an important event in history is said to be prevented. Birling is...

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