Analyzing Kudler Fine Foods

Analyzing Kudler Fine Foods

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Learning Team C Assessed Discussion Question
Christina Gutierrez
Teena Roy
Timothy Webel
University of Phoenix
Robert Barriga
December 20, 2010
To properly address some of the issues affecting Kudler Fine Foods, one must first define what an issue actually is. More specifically, one must be able to not only define what an issue is, but also be able to define what a problem is and possess the ability to differentiate between the two.
Learning Team C Assessed Discussion Question
The purpose of this essay is to analyze Kudler Fine Foods and detail some of the more prominent issues present.
Difference between Issues and Problems

An Issue
An issue is a matter of dispute, debate, or discussion. It gets a final outcome that usually constitutes a solution (, n.d., para. 1).
A Problem
A problem is a question to be answered, raised for consideration or solution, a state of difficulty that needs to be resolved (, n.d., para. 1).

Difference between Issues and Problem
An issue is simpler in itself, generally comes up with a readily solution (Bill George, 7 lessons for leading in crisis; Jossey Bass). Typically, the solution to an issue is already known. It is just that, it invites discussion and debate on the other side, a problem is quite complicated and serious in itself, needs its status to be derived in the first place. It usually brings of lot of questions, risks, confusions, conflicts and disaster. A problem needs a forethought process and thorough guesswork to solve.

An issue is smaller. It does not change much in surroundings and neither it drives to such a degree of difficulty that one will seek others help, to figure out impact of it. An issue can be solved within closed doors...

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