Angel Essay

Angel Essay

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Angel essay

Angel is a television program for the ages of 13 and over. Angel is an American program that is about vampires that are trying to take over in L.A. it was made to entertain that is packed with action. Angel (David Borenaz) is the vampire that is trying to save L.A from its vicious vampires by fighting them himself.

The director uses music to help create the excitement. In Angel, it is used to show emotions from the characters in the program, the music can also show the atmosphere for that particular part of the program, for example the types of music that are in Angel are like low notes on the piano or the music just before something important happens is like a all of a sudden high pitch jolt to create tension. The director does this because it makes the audience feel tense and intrigued to know what happens next to make it a bit more exciting.

The types of costumes in Angel are very interesting because even though L.A is a hot, at night Angel still wears big heavy black winter coat. This makes him look a bit harder and shows the audience that he has a hard background and also emphasises he doesnt really want to be seen. The director does this to make the audience think that he has something to hide and makes the vampires a lot more mysterious.

Angel is a very good example for camera angles and focus because of its type of program which uses lots of different angles to make the program more interesting and to make you focus and make you pay attention to certain detail. A good example would be when Tina is running from his apartment and Angel grabs Tina’s arm and the camera focuses in on his arm when it goes into the direct sunlight and when it catches fire because a vampire is abnormally sensitive to sunlight.

Lighting in Angel is very interesting because along with music it can also set atmosphere. The director uses dull and sometimes almost complete darkness to create atmosphere. An example of this would be at the start of the program...

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