Stone Angel

Stone Angel


Ross Wiwcharuk
Mr. Nordick
March 3, 2009

Chapter 2

2.What does she recollect about herself after talking to him?

I think its reality because she doesn’t talk to anyone and then she just told him her whole life.

Chapter 3

1.What opportunity to show affection does Hagar miss on p. 87?

Hagar simply showed affection at the wrong time or should i say "try" simply because Bram just lost his horse the horse he loved, I'm pretty sure nothing could cheer the man up with the state of mind he was in. He just went searching in -40 below weather for his horse and didn't find it, that's rough.

Chapter 4

1.Discuss Hagar’s relationship with:
Marvin - Hagar and Marvin were different, Hagar didn't seem to have much respect for Marvin. She never seemed to show love or affection to Marvin. I think it mainly because he is very much like his father, and her Bram aren't as strong as they should. Marvin seemed slow to her and just not her loving son. She never even said I love you when he went off to war.

John - Hagar loved John a lot. John took a lot after Hagar he looked much the same and he had the same personality of his mother. Hagar took lots of time teaching John new things she always loved him no matter what she had unconditional love towards John. Hagar also seen a lot of her Dad in John and always wished Jason could have met John.

Bram - Hagar and Bram were not a strong couple at all. Bram never seemed to show affection to Hagar and all he would do is drink and do what he liked. He always seemed to embarrass Hagar with his out bursts of disrespect and even urinating on her father’s store. He didn't do any work, unless it was something he liked, so they weren't well off at all and she wished he had the work ethic her father had.

Chapter 5

1.What symbolic significance is there in the appearance of the house at the shore?

The empty house is like Hagar because she feels she is still...

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