Animal Wellness

Animal Wellness

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I just bought a twenty-eight acre lot and would like to begin a small farm. My farm will consist of your typical farm animals. My most dominant species will be Cattle; I would like to have various breeds of cattle from Black Angus down to Jersey. Although this sounds simple enough there is more to running and maintaing a farm, even a small than you may know.

The first step to key quality production among livestock is the amount of space that the animal will have available. Since my species will need to be able to graze to get there maximum nutritional wellness I need to make sure that I have at least five to six acres of land set aside for just those cattle. This land needs to be away from other species and needs to be were no other species were just there recently.

The second step in quality production among livestock is to ensure “pre-cleanliness” of the designated area before the species is placed into those living conditions. If there were animals there recently that had a severe disease that is contagious and could linger in that area, you need to ensure that the area has been properly cleansed and tested to ensure that the area is safe for my livestock. The largest examples of these diseases are lice, mange, and mites. These diseases can live in the area after the livestock has been exasperated.

The third step in quality production among livestock is how you cleanse the area. In some instances just leaving the pasture rejuvenate for a season of growing can cleanse the land and make it safe for livestock again. As easy as that seems there are those instances where you need to spray insecticide or another agent to prevent disease onto the land to kill all the remaining organisms. After doing all of this you need to make sure the withdraw time has been achieved before I will move my cattle into that area.

The final step in quality production among livestock is to ensure that the animal’s health is optimal. After I receive my livestock I will...

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