Things to consider:

Consider the time limit. What you can persuade the class to believe or do in 6-8 minutes?

Does the problem you have selected have a solution the class can participate in?

Are you able to discuss the topic without being hostile to opposing sides?

Speech Outline & Organization: A typed, double-spaced full speech outline is due on your presentation day. Full sentence means that you write out everything you plan to say using complete sentences. The following is a sample of what outline format looks like:

Topic: Yoga

Claim: Practicing yoga everyday reduces stress and improves your health.

I. Introduction
a. Attention getter: Interesting story, quote, fact/statistic, etc.
b. Statement of topic: Clear statement of what your topic is (ex. “Today, I will empower you to make yoga a part of your daily routine”)
c. Relevance: Why your topic interesting/useful/important for your audience. Do not say, “My topic is relevant because”
d. Credibility: What experience or expertise do you have on the topic?
e. Preview main points: Clearly state what your main points will be (ex. “First, I will discuss how toxic stress is to your health and then I will show you a 5 minutes yoga routine you can do daily to reduce stress”)

II. Body of your speech: Monroe’s motivated sequence
a. Problem-stress
b. Solution-yoga
c. Visualization

III. Conclusion
a. Summary of main points: Review the main points you have covered (similar to your preview)
b. Conclusion: Wrap-up your speech by returning to your attention getter (Do not say, “Okay, that’s it.” or “The end.”)

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