Aaron Barr, the CEO of HB Gary Federal, who'd bragged about how he'd infiltrated Anonymous, and was set to reveal the identities of its key leaders Anonymous hacked into HB Gary's email server less than 24 hours later, Anonymous then released a slew of emails claiming that the department of justice recommended HB Gary to go through bank of America to help with the anti wikileaks campaign after the website claimed to have emails about the bank's practices. Other emails, had detailed secret cyber-warfare tool building programs, and legally questionable activities. Barr, cancelled his appearance on a DefCon July 2011

The Anonymous "hacktivist" collective, known for its self-branding and its anything-goes, anti-authoritarian sense of online punishment, first came to public attention in January 2008. There was an internal Scientology video starring Tom Cruise, which had been leaked to YouTube. The church, saying that the video was copyrighted, requested that YouTube remove it. Members of Anonymous, took issue with that request, "Project Chanology," Anonymous began launching distributed denial-of-service against Scientology websites, blanketing church centers with prank phone calls and faxes, and "doxing" the church by releasing its sensitive documents into the public via peer-to-peer networks.

On January 21, 2008, a YouTube post set the template for future Anonymous proclamations. The video, was criticizing the Church of Scientology, including the now common Anonymous signoff "Knowledge is free. We are Anonymous. We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us." By the next month, Anonymous said that 7,000 people had put on protested outside of Scientology centers around the world, using the famous, black and white Guy Fawkes mask, as worn by the protagonist of the film V for Vendetta to hide his identity. in the movie the people also wore it as they rose up to help overthrow the ruling dictatorship.

By early 2008, Anonymous which reportedly...

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