Alcoholic Anonymous Meeting

Alcoholic Anonymous Meeting

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This was located in 1479 Morse road in a church building at 7:00pm on 1/6/09. The purpose of the group is to keep alcoholic sober and also develop and provide helpful, hopeful information about alcoholism recovery and to stop alcohol addiction individuals and families from getting help and well.
The people who attended the meeting were all alcoholics.
They all had accepted to be helped.
All were don’t cares when they were alcoholics.
Homeless, dirty, hungry.
They all never used to listen to advices of loved ones when they are under influence of alcohol.
They had plans on how to get high all the time.
They had a difference in age.
Every person started alcoholism differently.
They had different stories on how they decided enough was enough when they started looking for help.
They practice different ways on how to keep themselves sober for example, some attend meetings almost everyday, others go to church services.
Composition was an open meeting. They don’t have a certain number of people who should attend the meeting. Its open for anybody and as many people as they can attend.

They don’t have any leaders anybody can lead the meeting, no qualification of group leaders because anybody in the meeting in that particular day can lead it. The seating arrangement is cafeteria type with six people per table.
They started with prayers. A few people read verses that are quoted from the bible.
Before reading they introduced themselves for example “My name is so and so and am alcoholic”.
That made me think that they have accepted to change. Then one of the members gave his story on how he became alcoholic. He said he came from a family of non alcoholics but his neighbor was alcoholics. He rejected every advice that came on his way from loved ones. He started drinking when he was 19 years old. He moved from house to house and finally became homeless.
He could go from party to party...

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