Numeracy Test

EXEMPLAR TEST 30 minutes

No calculator allowed.

You may use paper for your working out. All correct answers are worth one mark.

Question 1
Teachers organised activities for three classes of 24 pupils and four classes of 26 pupils.
What was the total number of pupils involved?

Question 2
As part of a science lesson, pupils were asked to stretch a spring to extend its length by 50 per cent.
The original length of the spring was 30 centimetres.
What should be the length of the extended spring? Give your answer in centimetres.

Question 3
A parents’ evening was planned to start at 15:45. There were 20 consecutive appointments of 10
minutes each and a break of 15 minutes during the evening. At what time was the parents’ evening due
to finish? Give your answer using the 24-hour clock.

Question 4
For a science experiment a teacher needed 80 millilitres of vinegar for each pupil. There were 30 pupils
in the class. Vinegar comes in 1000 millilitre bottles.
How many bottles of vinegar were needed?

Question 5
The morning session in a school began at 09:25. There were three lessons of 50 minutes each and one
break of 20 minutes. At what time did the morning session end? Give your answer using the 24-hour

Question 6
In a class of 24 pupils, 4 need additional support.
What fraction of the class needs additional support? Give your answer in its lowest terms.

Question 7
What is 642 divided by 3?

Question 8
All 30 pupils in a class took part in a sponsored spell to raise money for charity. The pupils were
expected to get an average of 14 spellings correct each. The average amount of sponsorship was 20
pence for each correct spelling.
How much money would the class expect to raise for charity altogether? Give your answer in

Question 9
Eight out of 25 pupils scored full marks in a test.
What percentage of pupils scored full marks?

Question 10
A teacher took a group of pupils to an aquarium...

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