Approach to writing

Approach to writing

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Thesis Statement and Outline

What is your thesis statement?

Online and traditional educations lead to success, it depends on the individual which is better. Ultimately, it’s not how one enhances their education, just that they do.

Introduction: When deciding to further ones’ education, the amount of options to choose from seems endless. One can go the traditional way and attend school on campus or one can go to distance learning or also known as online classes. Both methods are effective and different in their own way. We will be analyzing and breaking down which methods better suits each different kind of student according to: Each students learning ability and style, cost to the student, and Convenience and length which it will take to obtain whichever degree the student is seeking.

I. Learning ability and Learning style.
A. The independent learner
1. Would do better in an online environment
2. Interaction with other students is not a necessity and benefits more from working alone.
B. The dependent learner
1. Benefits more from traditional learning
2. Benefits more form social interaction and face time with teacher
II. Cost to student
A. Online tuition
1. Less expensive due to not having to pay for housing, transportation costs, etc. Although some schools have additional lab fees and Internet fees associated with their programs.
2 Some online schools and programs offer some of the same financial aid packages, which includes loans and grants
B. Campus Tuition
1. Depending on the University or College prices can vary from relatively inexpensive to outrageous tuition fees.
2. Hidden fees such as paying for transportation and housing
III. Convenience to student and length to obtain degree.
A. Convenience is number one reason for online class growth and popularity
1. Online classes allows students to set their own schedule, primarily due to every class is broken down week by week.

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