Biological Approach

Biological Approach

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Biological Approach

Reductionist approach – reducing complex assumptions into simple components such as biological make up/processes.


Considers nature rather than nurture.

Assumes that all psychology has a root in physiological make up (ie brain, nervous system, genes, neurochemistry.

Behaviour has a genetic basis – passed on from parents or evolution.

To find out why human behaviour has evolved in the way it has. Evolutionary theory major part of biological approach.

Research Areas

Gender development – genetic and hormonal predispositions
Aggression – testosterone
Abnormality – dopamine/serotonin
Memory – brain damage
Language – Chomsky (origins of language development)


Research the work and application of one of the following biological psychologists:

1. Karl Lashley
2. David Buss
3. Noam Chomsky
4. Pierre Broca
5. Roger Sperry
6. John Money

Research Methods

Objective approach – analytical, not emotional, no bias. Should not know participants.
Scientific – can be replicable, experiments repeated to give same results with the same criteria. (Humans do not behave the same way all the time, are not chemical reactions)
Held under lab conditions so can control conditions and variables eg environment.
Nomothetic approach – establish general patterns of behaviour that can be extended to the population i.e. 1 in 10 extended to 10 in 100. Percentages received applied over population. Experiments generally need over 100 people for validity.
Uses animals – believe motivation is the same, what applies to a chimp will be thought to apply the same way to humans. Results are extrapolated. Humans do not always behave the same way as animals.



Scientific/objective, more credible.
Counter argument to nurture
Effective in treating mental disorders. Schizophrenia/bi polar disease – biological approach gives very good results with appropriate drugs due to...

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