arab work culture

arab work culture

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Work Values in the Arab Culture

Yusuf Sidani

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Yusuf Sidani

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In our analysis of the Islamic (Prophetic) and the post-Prophetic stages, we dealt with the comprehensive outlook atwhich work was viewed as engulfing both the secular and the nonsecular, the extrinsic and the intrinsic. Asdiscussed earlier, the nature of the Islamic faith would make such a combination possible. The four cells are notmeant to be mutually exclusive cells, as Nord et al (1988) assert that the boundaries between these cells are permeable.The current work values in the Arab culture cannot be categorized in one cell. It can be argued that the current Arabsociety has lost the homogeneity it enjoyed for hundreds of years. There are sharp current differences across theArab countries in terms of wealth, economies, political systems, natural and human resources.Some contemporary Arabs, with a revival of the tribal norms, carefully select the type of job they are involved in(e.g. an occupation with the military to satisfy their pride). Such a choice, as discussed earlier, reflects a revival of some of the tribal values that do not have any religious significance. Such orientations in work values can thus beclassified in the intrinsic secular cell of the framework. This classification, it could be argued, applies more tonatives of the rich Arab countries like Saudi...

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