human Resource ARAB ADDITION

human Resource ARAB ADDITION

Human Resource Management
Arab World Edition

Gary Dessler & Akram Al Ariss

Instructor’s Manual

Adapted by Dr. Victor Sohmen
Drexel University
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.


Translating Strategy Into HR Policies and Practices: The KAMCO Case model answers provided by Dmytro Roman Kulchitsky, Ph.D. and Mr. Ramsey Awwad
American University of Kuwait



T One

Introduction to
Human Resource


Lecture Outline

Strategic Overview

Human Resource Management at Work
What is HR Management?
What is the state of HRM in Arab countries?
Why is HR Management Important to all Managers?
Line and Staff Aspects of HRM
Line Managers’ HR Duties
A Human Resource Manager’s Duties
Cooperative Line & Staff HRM: An Example
From Line Manager to HR Manager
The Changing Environment of HR Management
Globalization Trends
Technological Trends
Trends in the Nature of Work
Workforce Demographic Trends
The Changing Role of HR Management
Strategic HRM
Creating High-Performance Work Systems
Measuring the HRM Team’s Performance
Managing with the HR Scorecard Process
The HR Manager’s Proficiencies
Four Proficiencies
HR Certification
Managing Within the Law
Managing Ethics

In Brief: The main purpose of this chapter is to provide an introductory overview of what
HR management is, in Arab countries specifically, and why it is important
to all managers. HR management activities such as hiring, training, compensating, appraising, and developing employees are part of every manager’s job. HR management is also seen as a separate business function, usually with its own human resource or ‘HR’ manager. The main topics include the manager’s HR management jobs, global and competitive trends affecting HRM, and how managers use modern HR management methods to create high-performance...

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