Are a Layoffs Solutions for Better Management

Are a Layoffs Solutions for Better Management

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Are Layoffs a Solution to Better Management?

Now a day if we go through the news papers a usual sight is the news about laying off of employees from different organizations. The Layoffs have become a usual thing as of now as employees have been laid off in hundreds sometimes in thousands. The only things we have to consider here is are layoffs necessary. Aren’t there any other ways of handling the current recession.

The layoffs not only affect the employees but also their dependents that is there family too. Layoffs should be the last solutions for a better management of a company during the recession. Recession is not here to stay but the employees are. Employees are the asset of the company and they do deserve a chance.

The employees are laid off due to shortage of funds in a company and to minimize expenditure. There are many other ways to minimize the costs some of them are a company can cut its overheads. The companies should have planned solutions for this recession when there were indications of it in the past. The history has given us lessons from which we haven’t learnt. In 2000 there was a world market crash, the dotcom bubble had burst most of the companies were in dire state the companies should have planned then only for future situations like this. Some companies have put in a plan in those days to handle the current situation and reaping the fruits now.

Another solution is cutting the salary of employee’s across the organization than laying off employees. Its better to cut 10% salary of employees in a project rather than laying off some of them due to salary expenditure. This would ensure that the employees are not in a constant worry over there job loss and would concentrate on there work. Another way is by suggesting employees to save power (electricity). The companies are fine examples of Architecture they are lavish in structure and are huge. The employees while going to lunch or in their...

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