Wiki as a Knowledge Management Solution

Wiki as a Knowledge Management Solution

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Wiki as a Knowledge Management Solution


In the information age companies increasingly derive greater value from intellectual rather than physical assets. An example of success story is the one of Shell that through adopting of SiteScape (an online collaboration tool) demonstrated the power of Knowledge Management in attributing greater than $200 million in direct cost savings, which is highly enticing and provides a convincing reason for investing in a KM program. Even more compelling may be failures, for instance resulting from the disconnection between functional areas that can be the consequence of inattention to knowledge capturing and sharing initiatives. KM software solutions are sought to reap the possible benefits and avoid the potential losses. Such solutions come in two varieties: proprietary and open. (1)

• Proprietary Solutions
Proprietary systems range from out-of-the box to highly customized solutions. The various proprietary system components are comparable, and typically include some or all of the following: robust searching capabilities, sophisticated document storage and management, collaboration and discussion forums, advanced integration and document versioning. Prices, though highly varied, can be over five thousand dollars for only a few users .

• Open Source Solutions
After considering the investment...

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