Knowledge management. My Reflection

Knowledge management. My Reflection

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• A good operational definition of knowledge management is the deliberate introduction of an improved and more effective information environment (Koenig, 1999, p. 77)

The above definition initially tells me that it is a subjective view until I studied a few case studies about KM and many successful cases proved that KM actually helps in their organisation such as repurpose the existing information thus reduce the cost of acquiring the information needed. KM built an effective and efficiency information environment where information is used to do the right things and also do the things right. This will improve not only the service but also the customer and intellectual assets retention therefore increases the sales, reputation and lastly the revenue.

The highlight of the definition is that it will provide a better and precise information pool for users as it gave me a rough idea what KM will bring to the organisation. As the definition given is quite broad, so I assume that the information shared around is relevant to everyone such as daily operation functions and not just belong to a particular department. The definition is given is quite brief in the sense that it only mentioned about benefits that KM can bring to the organization and not the processes and the basic criteria.

• [KM is] the capability of an organization to create new knowledge, disseminate it throughout the organization and embody it in products, services and systems. (Nonaka & Takeuchi, 1995, p. 58)

The definition is quite vague so I assume that the organization create new knowledge from existing knowledge. KM allowed the organization to repurpose the existing information and create new knowledge and apply it on the whole organization function system. By looking back into the old information, data and knowledge, it is possible to find the pattern, source out the problems and remedy it to prevent it from happening again; this would mainly apply to customer service sector....

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