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Chedric Harper
English 1102-07

Television Restrictions

Television has always been a very debatable subject. There are many aspects of television that fall into the category comprised of touchy subjects. Sex and violence are two of the so-called subjects. They are the driving force of television today. They make parents all across the world cringe and hang there head in shame, wondering what the world is coming to when sex or scenes of gruesome violence can be seen before the late night spread. This should not even be an issue but since it has gotten so out of hand there needs to be restrictions or limitations.
Television within the last decade has taken on a new direction and depictions of sex and violence seem to be driving the movement. There use to be a time when certain channels, such as HBO and Cinemax, were designated for these programs geared for an older audience. But now, every time the television comes on it seems as though some type of violence or sexual oriented scene is on the screen. This topic may not affect you the reader or me, but the audience it affects can not really speak for there selves. Yes, that’s right I am referring to children the main viewer of television any given hour of the day. The children of today are introduced to so much violence in the form of televised programming and this is during the afternoon not late at night.
There is a hard pill that I am going to have to swallow and that is the fact that sex sells and violence boost ratings. To those marketing this, there is no drawback but in actually there should we really be instilling this false sense of what the world is like by letting these depictions on television share a hand in raising our children I think not. Having a reasonable amount of control over what children are viewing during the daytime hours would cut down on some problems such as aggression, violence, and lack of or misleading knowledge of sex.
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