Argumentative Essay

Argumentative Essay

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Our Ozone Layer
The Pros and Cons Of The Ozone Layer

ENG 101

Should NASA keep going out in space and know that they are affecting our ozone each time they leave or enter Earth’s atmosphere? This article will educate everyone about pros and cons about our ozone layer issues that no one is really focusing on. As humans everyone needs to take a stand against these issues that is killing our environment. Pay close attention to the different information that was researched and our own point of view that will enlighten everyone.

The first issue that was noticed is the Depletion of our Ozone. Research found that our ozone not only has a massive hole, but scientists are looking at a second hole. Now on a global scale truly how do you think that effect our environment? NASA starts off by saying that the problem is chemicals for the reason for the damage. But every country is exploring our galaxy that each time they leave Earth’s atmosphere they have to leave out or enter at the same spot. NASA has an article called “How Ozone Depleting Agents Attack the Ozone Layer”. This small article states that the stratosphere at an altitude of about 15 miles and extending up into the mesosphere, the 25-mile-wide ozone layer protects Earth by blocking out most of the harmful ultraviolet light (Cooper, M. H. 1992, April 3). Nowhere did they say that the constant going out in space cracked the ozone layer in the first place. If NASA were to look to maintain our own planet instead of worrying if there is life on other planets or can life be on other planets. But nowhere in their article speaks about them entering in and out of the cracked ozone layer each time they leave or enter. But rest assure, their conversation is only about being funded for more research and what truly have they found in our galaxy, except new galaxy’s, new stars, oh and new galaxy’s.

Now looking at the fact of scientist are only looking at one factor and not looking...

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