Assassin Rules

Assassin Rules

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Senior Assassin Rules

1. Absolutely nothing on school grounds (including after school events/sports)
- Any activities that have to do with a sport team are off limits to shooters (this includes recreational volleyball, soccer, basketball, etc.) until the target is off the grounds of where the event took place (this can be in the parking lot- ex. Strikers)

2. Nothing inside (this includes inside of cars, including mopeds). Also, a garage is considered inside.

3. Nothing at work, but once clocked out it’s fair game (if you have to work outside you can’t be shot)

4. If you don’t shoot your target by the end of the round (rounds will be announced) you’re out

5. You must have a water spot on shirt or a witness to confirm the shooting 
- shot must come from a water gun (ex: a water bottle with a hole doesn’t count, no water balloons)
- when you are shot BOTH the shooter and the target must immediately text Courtney or Brian to confirm the shot
- If you think your attempt may be controversial, bring a witness or even video tape the shot

6. Any controversy over being hit will result in the elimination of both the target and the shooter
- the creators have the final say

7. Ultimately creators have the final say over who wins the game and the dividing of the money

8. Half of the group plus one, must agree to split the money if they want the game to end before only one assassin remains

9. No hits can be made the entire day of Prom (May 12th) starting at 12:01a.m. until the game is resumed the following day (May 13th) at exactly 3:00 p.m.

10. No church grounds/events/parking lots-- it's church people

11. No freezing your shooter by shooting them -- run or hide

12. No protection of any kind (i.e. umbrellas, cardboard, etc.) are allowed. If you attempt to use any such items and they are hit, you are eliminated. 

13. If you work in the mall-- once in the mall, off limits but parking lot is fair game

14. Young life parking lot and...

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