Ground Rules

Ground Rules

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Theory Assignment.
Ground Rules.

Analyse different ways in which you would establish ground rules with your learners, which underpin behaviour and respect for others.

To establish ground rule in a lesson I first ascertain what I am trying to achieve.
Are the ground rules for my convenience, to make life easier or are they for the students benefit.
I need to be clear what I am aiming for. What ground rules will apply to the lesson and why the ground rules are important? If rules are not clear they are not manageable.

Ground rules can be set either democratically or autocratically, once I have established the diversity of my learners, age, gender and ethnicity. I can decide on the type of ground rules that may be necessary.

Arrive on time for each tutorial.
Targets are to be met throughout the course.
Attend all tutorials
Respect for each other.
Mobile Phones to be switched off.

The Ground rules are necessary to ensure the students get the most out of any lesson, generally time is of the essence, I need to impart a lot of information in a short period of time.
If students are continually arriving late they disrupt the flow of the lesson, the same applies if mobile phones are constantly going off in the lesson.
Attendance at all tutorials will have an impact on whether a student achieves their award, usually failing to attend means students fall behind with their work and they then don’t meet their targets.
Respect for each other’s opinions is important, If students are constantly interrupting another person or they are being made to feel their opinion does not count they will become demoralise, this can then lead to low self esteem and students then fail to achieve.
This is especially important if the student’s first language is not English, as they may find it difficult to express themselves.

I will always use the democratic approach to setting ground rules within a tutorial; this can be achieved in...

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