Assertion, Non-Assertion and Aggression

Assertion, Non-Assertion and Aggression

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Assertive Awareness
Chapter 1,2,3

Dilitha Vithanage
FAST Colombo - QA

Chapter 1 : Assertion, Non-Assertion and Aggression

Key Points :

Assertion : Stating own needs without hampering others rights.
The aim is to find a way to do things by satisfying all parties to some level.

Non-Assertion : Not standing up to own rights, failing to express own opinion.
A way of thinking to satisfy others without taking actions for own needs.
The aim is to avoid conflicts/collisions.

Aggression : Try to do everything in own way without thinking of others.
Target is to win even without considering others rights.

Effects :

| |Effects on you |Effect on others |Effect on organizations |
|Assertion |Self confidence improves. |Others may believe on you, trust|-Helps to identify risks early. |
| |Feels better by avoiding |you. |- Improves team spirit. |
| |potential conflicting scenarios.|Others might express there ideas| |
| | |openly to you. | |
|Non-Assertion |Feeling guilty. |Others feel sorry for you |Problems will not be handled |
| |Lowering self-confidence. |initially. |early. |
| |May have to do unbearable amount|Others feel guilty. |Lower productivity. |
| |of work. |They feel irritation. |Risk may be identified lately. |

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