Assessing Policemen Skills in Resolving a Crisis

Assessing Policemen Skills in Resolving a Crisis

1. How do you assess the skill of our policemen regarding resolving a crisis

▪ Philippine National Police does not have special training and preparation in the event of crisis like hostage taking.

▪ Our military does not have the special skill and sophisticated equipment to safely contain emergency situation where people lives are at great risk.

▪ The leaders in the military, specially the one in-charged in the hostage crisis, lack skill in emergency decision making.

2. If you are going to draft a letter what words you wish to tell Hongkong residents

▪ Firstly, apologetic words should be conveyed to the Hongkong residents in regard to the horrible hostage taking that took the lives of Hongkong tourists.

▪ We would like to tell Hongkong residents that Filipinos were also affected by the sad event. That Filipinos understand that it injured the relationship between Philippine and Hongkong government. However, it should not be the cause for a bitter relationship between Hongkong residents and those Filipinos working in Hongkong. Filipinos would like to maintain good relationship with Hongkong people.

▪ We will convey that the Philippine Government under President Aquino is doing its best to do impartial investigation on the aftermath of the hostage taking. Those military personnel who made the lapses in the operations shall be held responsible.

3. If you are going to appeal in International Community what are the things you want to inform them about the peace and order situation in the country.

▪ The peace and order situation in our country is generally peaceful. The case was isolated in nature.

▪ The Philippine military learned its lessons from the hostage crisis and the peace-loving Filipinos are now looking forward to a much better system in handling the peace and order of the country.

Impartial means – walang pinapanigan
Isolated means - bihirang mangyari or nagkataon lang....

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