Assignment 1

Assignment 1

Task 1

Unit 17 – Project Planning with IT

The purpose and audience for my e-magazine is to be an interesting read for both gamers
and non-gamers alike. The magazine both informs and entertains the readers with brand
new news of video games and also rumours, speculations, upcoming events surrounding
video games etc. the magazine will inform the readers of the areas of gaming that they are
unaware or do not much about. It will have sections that review games, interview
developers etc.

The main audience that I am going to be aiming this e-magazine at is mainly gamers who
subscribe to magazines to find out more about their favourite game or anticipated game.
They can also read about opinions, learn tips, cheats from other gamers. The target
audience for my project will be males, especially those interested in video games. The
audience will also being narrowed down to mainly hard-core gamers as it I will contain
information about games that do not fall into the category of casual gaming. Also it is mainly
the core gamers that will be the ones to make investments in such an e-magazine.

The Stakeholders are people that are actively involved in the project and affect the overall outcome
of the project.
The main stakeholder of the project is the actual client. The client decides what they want their
project to be and what needs to be done. The client has most of the rights to the project as it will be
their idea that is being implemented and they are likely to be managing it. The outcome of the
project will depend of how well the Client manages the project.
My Client is a publisher of various Video game magazines. I will be creating an interactive prototype
for my client to approve/disapprove of so I know which direction that I am heading in. I will be
meeting with the client multiple times to find out what they want with their E-magazine and
anything extra that they may want to add further into the...

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