Assignment 1

Assignment 1

CELTA Lesson Plan No. 5
Lesson Plan
by Jay David Cederholm

This is a 40 minute grammar clarification and practice lesson plan. It aims to contrast present continuous verb forms with present simple verb forms. Written in October 2010 while
instructor was studying for his Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults
(CELTA) in New Zealand.

Lesson Plan Copyright (C) 2011 Jay David Cederholm.
Rights licensed with a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommerical 3.0 Unported license.

You are free to share or adapt this work, provided you attribute the author and use the work for
noncommerical purposes. Less restrictive licensing may be available upon request.


Lesson Plan Cover Sheet
Lesson type: Grammar
clarification & practice

Lesson No.
Jay Cederholm
7 Oct
Main aims:
To contrast present continuous verb forms with present simple verb forms
To provide controlled written practice of present continuous and present simple verb forms

Lesson length:
40 mins

Subsidiary aims:
To develop gist reading skills
For this lesson:
What do the Ss know already?
They have encountered the present simple verb tense before but may lack confidence using it
They will be familiar with the context of looking for work and will probably have experienced this before
What have the Ss done already?
They will have done the gist listening of the text
What problems do I think Ss will have in this lesson?
• language:
1. They may be confused about what a state verb is
2. They may be confused by the present simple concept questions
3. They might not contract I’ll, he’s in phonology drill



What am I going to do about these problems?
1. Include a picture to help clarify and describe the verbs as feelings and opinions
2. I can draw a timeline on the w/b
3. I will pay particular attention to this feature...

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