Assignment 2: Telephone Greetings

Assignment 2: Telephone Greetings

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Assignment 2 Telephone greetings

Hyla and Rich

01 ((ring ring ring ring ring))
02 RIC: Hull (h)o(hh)
03 HYL: Hull::o
04 RIC: Hello(h)
05 HYL: Hi:: .hh
06 (0.2)
07 RIC: Hi:
08 HYL: Hi hehuhuhuh .hh
09 RIC: hhh
10 HYL: How(hh)re you(hoo)?
11 RIC: .hhhuh
12 HYL: Uh huh ha besides [out of b]rea(h)th(h).
13 RIC: [hhh ]
14 RIC: Uh: fine(hh).

01 ((ring))
02 Nancy: H'llo:?
03 Hyla: Hi:,
04 Nancy: ↑HI::.
05 Hyla: Hwaryuhh=
06 Nancy: =Fi:ne how'r you,
07 Hyla: Oka: [y,
08 Nancy:  [↓Goo:d,
09 (0.4)
10 Hyla: ˙mkhhh[hhh
11 Nancy: [What's doin,
12 (·)

These two conversations have a number of similarities about them; for instance in the conversation between Hyla and Rich a summons-answer sequence is used much similar to a knock on the door. By Rich saying Hello in line 2 when he picks up the phone he is looking for a answer which is given Hyla. This has similarities with the second conversation in lines 2 and 3, where the structure and content is almost the same.

A notable similarity between the two phone conversations is the lack of an identification sequence, ie. Neither caller deems it necessary for them to identify themselves, this would suggest that the callers are relatively close, this is in comparison to the caller saying - “hi Nancy?” this term would suggest the callers weren't as close. One is able to rule out that either of the participants in te two conversations are work colleagues as you would normally not make small talk. They then both exchange a greeting sequence where the caller asks how they are, and then the caller goes on to introduce the first topic of conversation.

[Trip to Syracuse (1 min 2 secs)]
00 ((ring))
01 Ile: Hullo:,
02 (0.3)
03 Cha: hHello is eh::m:: (0.2) .hh-.hh Ilene there?
04 Ile: Ya::h, this is Ile:[ne,
05 Cha: [.hh Oh hi this's Charlie
06 about...

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