Native North America and the Columbian exchange
Virgin Soil Epidemics
I. First Americans
II. Indians and the Environment
III. Subsistence Strategies
IV. Fixed Communities
V. The Columbian exchange

Thousands of different indian groups in the western hemisphere. Speak different language, have different culture. Indians will cross a frozen land bridge for food such as animals. They will try to hunt large slow animals. 100 million people population different society and different cultures. Every native group had their own creation story, and many had similarities. Creation story is two humans, one man and one woman the only humans on earth. The woman told the man that she is pregnant. The man said that is not his. So she told the woman to go check out this hole and he pushes her down. The animals decide to help her, and the tortoise helps her with the birds. The indian tribe says they started their tribe or world on a back of a tortoise. This is an example of a creation story of a tribe. Native americans believe everything has an spirit.

Animism means that everything has a spirit. Human, animals, tree, and everything has a spirit. They believe each spirit has a role. Animism has procedure you must follow. If you fail to follow a procedure Indians will suffer negative consequences and Indians must follow the proper procedure.

Shaman is a religious leader in community. Responsibility of a shaman ensure the welfare in a community. When things start to go wrong it is shaman responsibility to fix it. Shaman needs to make sure everything will go right. If the shaman cant fix a problem the shaman will be replaced. Shaman have a great pressure for things to go right. Shaman needs to protect the community.

Indians like to combine hunting, fishing, agriculture production, and gathering. They like to mix it up and rely on every source. Have a variety of sources if one fails....

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