Attitude by Charles Swindoll

Attitude by Charles Swindoll

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Reaction Piece to “Attitude” by Charles Swindoll

The first time I read “Attitude” by Charles Swindoll I was
really impressed, and in my opinion no one could say better than he
has in this passage about impact of attitude on life. As a result I
started asking myself questions: “What is an attitude? How is my
attitude and people around me?”. So attitude is defined as ”a manner
of acting”1. Consequently, attitude can be good or bed, even more,
a good attitude can help change people’s life and feel better.
Attitude is something we all have in common whether it is positive or

By reading Charles Swindoll, he helps me with understanding that
people, places, and things can not take from me the joy of living. I
believe that I can not choose how long I could live, life difficulty
and negative environmental of the world, but I can choose to make my
life less complication, what is in my mind and the most important my
attitude. Furthermore, I have decided to live my life and I know I am
responsible for the choices I make but I can not be responsible for
the consequence of my choices. Every day we have choices, I
continually guidance myself and my family to be more positive, to
keep a good attitude, even if not everything go as it should. We all
should know that our unhappiness is our own fault and we have to
accept our environment for what it is, because there is nothing we
can do about it.

In conclusion, I would like add nice passage “Life is not about
waiting for the storm to pass. It is about learning how to dance in
the rain” 2. Like this quote said, life is not about waiting, is
about a living and enjoying life with good attitude.

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