Audience Analysis and Reception

Audience Analysis and Reception

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Audience Analysis and Reception

Aug 2, 2013

When preparing a formal report to management personnel in the workplace there are many factors that need to be allowed for in order to make your presentation successful. I am going to hit on a few needs from my personal experiences with presenting material to members of management. First thing you need to do is to make sure you have every bit of your facts. Because you have to assume that those members of upper management know more than you do and they are going to ask you questions to test your true knowledge of the subject you are presenting. Always be prepared. Do not be lazy in preparing for your presentation. Every presentation should be made as if your job is on the line no matter how significant or insignificant the presentation is. Because somebody could be watching that help or hurt your career in the future. The next thing is to make things visual. Management needs to see graphs and charts and things that are easy to read so that they can make quick and easy decisions on whether or not they like your presentation. They more than likely are not going to care about every little minute detail of what you have to present. That is why you should also keep the presentation as short as possible and straight to the point. Always remember you are the presenter, you set the pace of the presentation and you are in control over it. Management will have their questions. You can choose to answer along the way or hold them off till the end. But, be prepared to answer questions, because they will ask.

The risks of not being prepared to present the presentation of you career at all times is quite simple. Your job is on the line! Always feel like it is on the line and there should not be a problem. Other risks could be losing major accounts for your company, management losing confidence in you, you losing confidence in yourself, letting co-workers down. The list can go on and on about all of...

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