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Autistic Savant Syndrome: Isn’t just Autism

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Living with Autistic Savant Syndrome
Autistic Savant Syndrome, formerly known as Idiot Savant Syndrome is a mix between an autistic person and genius of a particular skill or field. It is lesser known than Autism but has the same impact on a person’s life. This paper will define:
1. Autism and its symptoms
2. What separates autistics from autistic savants
3. Effects on life style
4. Available treatment
The overview of the disorder will explain all of these issues that an autistic savant may deal with on a day to day basis.

Autism and its Symptoms
Autism is a developmental disorder; according to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke’s “Autism Fact Sheet” it can have social interaction, communication, repetitive, lack of interest, and judgment dysfunctions. (NINDS, 2008). Many autistic children and adults do not like human physical contact, and may have emotional outburst due to noises, lights, or certain people or objects. These symptoms can range from mild to disabling. About one in every one thousand children have a diagnosis ranging on the autism scale. (NINDS, 2008).

What Separates Autism from Autistic Savant
Darold H. Treffet, M.D. states in “The Autistic Savant” that :
“Savant Syndrome is a more accurate and inclusive term for this remarkable condition and Savant Syndrome
includes some persons (about 50%) who are autistic with superimposed savant abilities, but also includes persons with other Developmental Disabilities (the other 50%) who have savant abilities as well.”
Not all people who suffer from Autism have the Savant’s abilities, and not all Savants are necessarily Autistic. About one in every ten autistic people do have some special skills over a spectrum ranging from what are called 'splinter skills' to 'prodigious' savants. (Treffet, 2008). The combination of Autistic...

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