BA 280 (Consumer Behavior) complet Class

BA 280 (Consumer Behavior) complet Class

BA 280 (Consumer Behavior) complet Class

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Week 2 Discussion Question Club Memberships

Discuss what club membership or savers programs you belong to. Did you have to pay for the membership? What perks of membership? Do you receive coupon printouts with your receipts? What are the consumer benefits and drawbacks to participating in these programs?

Week 3 Discussion Question Research Method to Collect Data

Assume you are a marketing manager at a top marketing firm that manufactures dish soap. Which research method and tool would you select to collect data and why?

Week 4 Discussion Question Market Research Data Collection Tool

Select a market research data collection tool. In what type of scenario would you use this tool? What would be the benefits and drawbacks of using this tool?

Week 5 Discussion Question Globalization of Domestic Brands

How does globalization of domestic brands present unique culture problems abroad? How could these issues be avoided? How does an understanding of your culture allow you to better understand the culture of others?

Week 6 Discussion Question Challenges Expanding Into Foreign Markets

What do you think are some of the biggest challenges facing larger corporations expanding into foreign markets with regards to segmentation, targeting, and positioning? How can those challenges be mitigated?

Week 7 Discussion Question How are Decisions Made in Your Family

How are decisions made in your family? If single, would a consumer consult anyone for advice before a major purchase? If a consumer was married or had a family, how do you think they would handle major purchases like a house? A car? Defend your response.

Week 8...

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