Baby Vacination

Baby Vacination

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Paper Article One-

Will you vaccinate your baby? Why?-

I would vaccinate the baby because it would protect it from diseases such as measles. It would be horrible if the baby had died because we were unsure of if the vaccinate would of helped or not.

Paper Article Two-

Will you vaccinate your baby? Why?

No, there is high risk of damaging the child by a condition called autism. Autism is a condition that effects the child, in a way, so the child is sometimes unable to talk and just stare into space for hours.

The MMR vaccine-

1. Your child must have the vaccination so it does not get the following illnesses-
- measles (German measles)
- rubella
- mumps

2. The evidence is that 5% of children who are vaccinated are infected with side effects which means that the other 95% are fine.

The Side effects Of MMR Vaccine are-
- One child in six gets a low fever
- One in 20 get a slight rash
- Very few children get a high fever
- Deadly reactions are very rare.
- One in a million have a big reaction within a few hours
- In conclusion the risk is rather low

4. When a parent is trying to make a decision on if they should give there child a vaccination they should, ask a doctor, look up on it through internet, leaflets, booklets, ask there own parents or consult their GP first.

Facts And Opinions-
Arguments Made From Which Article? Fact Or Opinion? Evidence
MMR caused Alex Hall’s autism Paper Article Number Two. Fact His family and friends had witnessed the problem
It is dangerous if babies stop having the vaccine. Not From Article Opinion A baby who has not had a vaccine shot is in high danger of getting a life threatening
MMR causes health problems for many children, Paper Article One. Opinion Once had the jab MMR only starts to kick in. Without the jab you would not have any problems....

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