Ballad of a Nightmare

Ballad of a Nightmare

Ballad of a Nightmare

A frightening dream, a nightmare so dark,
Heat filled up empty space
Like the start of a fearsome fire
Burning, thrashing my face

First it started with a bright spark
A glimmer to cast a shadow,
Growing steadily was a red light
As it casts a fiery glow.

A small flare like a fallen star
Gave off a wisp of smoke.
Choking me, smouldering me
And the phantoms that woke.

From the forgotten memories,
They cried amongst the flames
Burning so bright and vivid now
Whispering gravely my name.

As the heat grew agonizing
Leaping from the darkness.
Swallowing me, blistering me
A horse with no harness.

The with an almighty crackle
When phantoms turned to go
Flames turned into a swirl of red.
From sparks to inferno.

Flames leapt from all seven layers
In a place where the devil dwells,
Where lost souls scream out loud
And cry, in a dreadful place called hell.

The impure souls of the Undead.
The mortals scarred with sins
Are the devils loyal minions
Though in hell they’ll never win.

Lost and confined in blank infinity
With leaden tears that never dry.
Hated and trapped forever now
Crying to the heavens high.

But still the flames were unbearable
And the sad memories flooded back
So angry and agonizing
Unforgiving heat scorching my back.

The scorching heat is so intense.
The darkness consumed me.
Shadows grabbed at me as I fade
Into the blaze where I can’t see.

As the last of the falling embers died,
I lay there, awake and unafraid,
Asleep or dead among the ashes
As the wind blows me away.

Into the cold, dark, winter night.
As I wake up from the dream
To see an icy, pale moon shining
Nothing is what it seems.

In the distance, a white wolf howls
A Snow White queen singing.
Silent weeping in a silver storm
As I lay there, with my ears ringing.

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