Baseball Data Set Research Paper

Baseball Data Set Research Paper

This was used for data set in a stats online course.
MLB Research Paper
Much research has been done to compare the salaries of MLB players. MLB players have increasingly large salaries year by year. Some may think that more money equals more wins. The higher paid players may or may not play for a team with a high payroll. It is hard to determine whether wins increase due to more money as there are many variables to consider. However, with some research we can obtain an idea if this holds true.
Our study consists of making a relationship between team salaries and overall wins. Do higher salaries produce more wins? The data set used shows the number of wins as well as the team salaries for each team. Here is what we know: The team with the highest number of wins for the season was the St. Louis Cardinals with 100 wins. The Kansas City Royals only won 56 games making them the team with the lowest wins. As for team salaries, the New York Yankees have the honor of being the highest paid team with a total salary of $208.3 million and the Tampa Bay Rays have the lowest team salary with only $29.7 million.

Highest Wins St. Louis Cardinals 100
Lowest Wins Kansas City Royals 56
Highest Team Salary New York Yankees $208.3 mil
Lowest Team Salary Tampa Bay Rays $29.7 mil

All 30 of the Major League Baseball teams play 162 per season. According to the data set used, the maximum number of wins is 100 and the minimum is 56 making the range 44 wins. The mean and median is 81 wins and the mode is 95 wins. As shown in the chart below, the frequency of teams winning 80-85 games is 7, or 23.3%. The average salary for these teams is $59.3 million. This figure included the New York Mets, who won 83 games, but had a salary of $101.3 million.
Descriptive statistics

count 30
mean 81.000
sample variance 117.379
sample standard deviation 10.834
minimum 56
maximum 100
range 44

population variance...

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