Basketball: Aquinas Varsity Girls vs. Holy Name

Basketball: Aquinas Varsity Girls vs. Holy Name

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Mazahir Walji and Mike Kirkman

Game: November 2008

Script: Made in January 09

Basketball '' Aquinas Varsity girls vs. Holy Name

Scene 1 a : Aquinas Gym Ca:MS

The camera starts zoomed in on the ball. It zooms out as the girls take the tip-off with dubbed applause in the background.

Energetic music in the background

Mike: “Aquinas wins the tip-off”

The play goes on

Scene 1b:Aquinas Gym Ca:MS

Aquinas is in the attacking zone passing the ball around

Maz: “Aquinas, keeping possession early”

The ball comes to Alanna who then scores

Mike: “Alanna Mcmaster shoots and scores!”

Scene 1c:Aquinas Gym Ca:MS

Aquinas passes around again and the same girls scores again.

Mike: “Aquinas, with it again”

Mike: “Alanna shoots, and scores again!

Scene 1d:Aquinas Gym Ca:MS

The opposition attempts to shoot but are blocked.

Maz: “Great block on the great defensive play”

Scene 1e: Aquinas Gym Ca:MS

The Aquinas player does a lay-up and banks the ball in of the boards

Maz: “The lay up, gets the easy two!”

Scene 1f:Aquinas Gym Ca:MS

The cameras show the coaches discussing the game and look happy

Mike: “The coaches like what they see”

Scene 1g:Aquinas Gym Ca:MS

Aquinas loses possession but regains it

Maz: “They lost it! But with great hustling, they get it back”

Scene 1h:Aquinas Gym Ca:MS

Aquinas control’s the other team’s rebound and goes on a break-away

Maz: “Nice rebound control, and they break away!”

Aquinas throws a pass across the court and score

Mike: “Cross court pass, and the bucket!”

Scene 1i:Aquinas Gym Ca:MS

The camera shows the coach looking pleased again

Text crawls over the screen saying “Aquinas beats Holy Name”

Maz: “What a happy coach”

Mike: “Aquinas goes on to beat Holy Name”

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