BB Testing Tips

BB Testing Tips

Test-Taking Tips for Blackboard
This information is not guaranteed to prevent all technical issues; however, you can minimize your chances of
experiencing a problem if you employ these tips.
As of 23 July 2014

DO close all other programs. (Recommend a Restart)


DO open a new BB session.


DO carefully read the test instructions.
DO disable pop-up blocker prior to opening a test. Blocker can cause test malfunction.
DO clear Browser cache. Before you take a test, clear your browser’s cache. For
instructions on clearing the browser cache, locate the
Help area of your browser program and search for “browser cache” or “clear browser
cache” to get instructions for your specific browser.
DO beware of software updates and virus scans. If you have programs such as automatic
software updates or virus scans set to run at particular times, do not take your test during
a time when those updates are scheduled to occur.



Make sure you have the right browser. Blackboard recommends using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox
Mozilla — Home of the Mozilla Project — If you are using a Mac, you should
download Mozilla Firefox to your computer. Safari users sometimes experience difficulties
when taking Blackboard assessments. We recommend you have two browsers available
in case one does not function well with some aspect of Blackboard. To find out if your
browser is supported by Blackboard visit
Blackboard’s Supported Browsers page:


Perform a browser compatibility check:
Backtracking is allowed. Use the quiz provided buttons, NOT the browser (See #13).


Do NOT attempt to print the exam or copy the question.

10. Do NOT have other windows or browser tabs open. Open only one Internet browser
window for Blackboard use. Close all other...

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