Beethoven and Warren on Love

Beethoven and Warren on Love

Beethoven and Warren on Love


Introduction ! 4
Purpose Statement and Hypothesis!4 Overview!4

Ludwig van Beethovenʼs Period ! 6
Political and Social Circumstances!6 Art and Music!7 Biographical Factors!8 Beethoven and Love!9 Political and Social Circumstances!10 Art and Music!11 Biographical Factors!11 Warren and Love!12 David Foster!13

Fur Elise ! 14
Context!14 Analysis!14

Because You Loved Me ! 17
Context!17 Analysis!18


Conclusion ! 20 Endnotes ! 21 Bibliography ! 27

Purpose Statement and Hypothesis In this assignment, I will comparing and contrasting composers Ludwig van Beethoven and Diane Warren. I will be specifically looking at one work from each composer, i.e. “Fur Elise” by Beethoven and “Because You Loved Me” by Warren. I will be looking at the theme of love and how it is portrayed in each work. My hypothesis is that the expression of love through music has changed, with Beethoven painting a more thorough picture of the experience of love than does Warren.

Overview I will begin my paper with a discussion on the periods in which each composer lived. I will the discuss political and sociological, historical, and aesthetic circumstances of these periods, and how they would have influenced the composers themselves, as well as the creation of the works in consideration. I will also include biographical information of the composers that I think are important to the eventual creation of the works. Included in this section will be discussion of the idea of love and how society perceived it in each period.


Next, I will analyze the works themselves, focussing on how love is portrayed through the use of musical variables, such as tempo, dynamics, and timbre. This section would form the bulk of the evidence in support of my hypothesis as stated in “Purpose Statement and Hypothesis”.


Ludwig van Beethovenʼs Period
Ludwig van Beethoven was born in the year 1770 in Bonn, Germany, and died in...

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