Behind Enemy Lines

Behind Enemy Lines


Movie Critique
Behind Enemy Lines

The movie, Behind Enemy Lines, was accompanied by actors such as Chris

Burnett (Owen Wilson) and his partner, Stackhouse (Gabriel Macht). Also commanding

officer, Admiral Reigart played by (Gene Hackman). The directors of Behind Enemy

lines were John Moore and Steve M Davidson. The producers of Behind Enemy Lines

were John Davis and Jennifer Eliza Holstein. The co producer was Alex Blum and the

executive producers were Stephanie Austin, Wyck Godfrey, Lee Berger, and Bonnie L.

Kanner. The release date of Behind Enemy Lines was on Nov 30, 2001.

The plot of Behind Enemy Lines is based on a fighter navigator Chris Burnett

(Wilson) who wants out of the navy. He was looking for something more than the boring

recon missions he's been assigned to fly. He finds himself flying the lone Christmas day

mission over war-torn Bosnia. During the mission, he talks pilot Stackhouse (Macht) into

flying slightly off-course to check out an interesting target shown on the radar, the two

get shot down. Burnett is soon alone, trying to outrun a pursuing army, while

commanding officer Reigert (Hackman) finds his rescue operation hamstrung by politics,

forcing Burnett to run far out of his way to survive.

Owen Wilson playing Chris Burnett in the movie, Behind Enemy Lines, was

based Scott O’Grady. The story is loosely based on the experience of the American pilot

Scott O' Grady after he was shot down in Bosnia in 1995. As Capt. O' Grady tells it to the

American people, he escaped and evaded the enemy for five days, subsisting mainly on

grass and bugs with only the company of cows, until rescued by a Marine search and
rescue team nearly sixty miles from where his parachute was seen coming down.

Although O’ Grady tells this story of surviving behind enemy lines which was made to a

movie, there is evidence of the President of the Serbian American Voters...

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