Being a Hunter

Being a Hunter

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Being a Hunting Guide

What would your dream job be? This is a common question asked of people their whole life. I have been asked this since childhood. Like most southern boys growing up in a rural community, I spent most of my time outdoors. This helped develop my affection for nature. Now that I am an adult my affection only grows. Being an avid hunter, loving the outdoors, and enjoying being around other hunters, becoming a hunting guide is a natural choice for my dream job.

I started hunting with my father when I was a small boy. Even before I could carry a rifle, I would follow my farther thought the woods on great hunting expeditions. Actually, most of the time it was just in the woods on our family farm; it only seemed large at the time. The early years of hunting with my farther, taught me the importance of how to prepare for each hunting trip. From still-hunting for whitetail, to tracking for miles after dogs trailing rabbits and raccoons, or setting up in a field for a dove shoot. Each hunt requires a different approach. Being properly prepared can be the

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Enjoying the togetherness while camping and hunting is a trait that is a must for a good hunting guide. I continue to enjoy hunting multiple types of game today. While serving in the Seabees, we regularly had to go on field exercises, otherwise known as war games. Sleeping under the stars is something not experienced everyday. I can’t think of one that could be more rewarding. The thing that is the hardest for most is doing the work of trailing and tracking a nice trophy animal, and watching someone else get to bag it. All of my life I have always rather be outside, no matter what I was doing. They usually lasted 2 weeks, and sometimes could be rough. Being a guide and doing this on a regular basis, to me, would be better than having a job making 7 figures. It was only a six point, but it might as well been the world record. It was perhaps the best hunting experience I have ever had....

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