Benefits of Programming Knowledge - Paper

Benefits of Programming Knowledge - Paper

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Benefits of Programming Knowledge
Shawn Albro

Benefits of Programming Knowledge
How does knowledge of programming concepts benefit individuals working in almost any IT position?
Programming concepts can benefit any individual working in almost any IT position by helping the individual understand how each program they are working with works. For example; if a person is having problems downloading the Java Development Kit on to their computer, they could call the Java help line about what they may be doing wrong. The person they are talking to may not do anything with building programs, their job may consist of only answering the phone and helping with these types of problems. This is not a programmer’s job to figure out why a download will not work. Even though this person is not a programmer, by understanding how the Java program works, he or she will be able to help the person that is having problems with the download or by understanding what he or she is doing wrong for the program not to work correctly.
To understand what makes the program work would make it easier to understand what the program does and what it is capable of doing. People that know the concepts of programming should be able to understand how a computer works and what could be wrong with a program if something should happen.
Include at least one specific example of how Java programming knowledge benefits nonprogrammers working in IT.
Java programming knowledge can help people break things down into a more understandable language. If a person is building a house, that person cannot just start building a house without knowing anything about building houses. This could lead to making deadly mistakes.
To build a house, there are steps that must be followed. Java knowledge can help in this area because the person would know more how to break things down. The amount of square footage would be needed to figure out how much foundation would need to be...

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