Benefits of the Computer

Benefits of the Computer

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I am a computer game addict. Since I was a young teenager, I have been interested in computer. Now I’m a college student. I know computers have changed almost everything in our lives. I know that in addition, computers are providing entertainment, computers manage our information and help to facilitate and make easier our communication.

My computer provides me with a great amount of entertainment. I play exciting video games like Mass Effect 2 and use social networking sites like Facebook. These activities are a pleasant way to pass my free time. I can use the computer to sharpen my game playing skills or to keep in touch with my friends. It’s so entertaining.

My computer is not only fun but it manages my information. I do all my bill paying, and financial management online. I can even keep household maintenance records online. My records for the heater services and exterminator are all kept on my computer. This handy device makes record keeping easy.

Computers not only organize individuals but entire communities,. Traffic patterns, police cell phones and utilities are all managed by computers. The information necessary to run communities can be effectively managed on computers. The delivery of goods and services like Amazon is also managed by computers. These machines keep our world running.

In conclusion, computers provide entertainment, information management and facilitate the operation of communities. Computers can be fun, educational and very helpful to society. They have truly changed the way we play, learn and grow.


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