Benefits from Increased Use of Computers

Benefits from Increased Use of Computers

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Benefits from Increased Use of Computers

by TEDIFFO, Jun 24, 2007


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Computers in Space and Communications:
After software industries the field which uses computers the most is telecommunication and space technology. Within five years there is record usage of mobile phones in Pakistan. Almost every day we see a new mobile company launching its new mobile set, which is always better than the previous sets. But where do these technologies comes from? Software is the program by which a computer performs its job and every mobile phone works on computer software. We can do anything with software and so with mobiles. Computers are converting into pocket PCs in the form of mobiles. These software and mobile technology gives birth to artificial intelligence, which in turn gives birth to robot technology. Space scientists use robots to work with. These robots are intelligent computers that can perform multiple tasks. That's why instead of sending human being to space scientists send robots to get more knowledge about space and planets. These robots can communicate with scientists from space usually with satellite. This satellite also uses computer software, whereas we communicate with mobile phones through satellites. So, there is a tremendous usage of computers in the communication and space fields. And as the technology increases we can expect a totally computerized space age.

Computers and Attitude:
One of the big the contribution of computer is the positive change in the mentality level especially among young people. And for this argument I would particularly like give an example of the increasing use of computer games. These games develop psychological thinking among the people. Every day we can find a new game in the market with such a high graphics that it often becomes difficult to distinguish between reality and picture. Researches have clearly shown that there has been a significant...

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