Uses of a Computer

Uses of a Computer

You want to purchase a new computer system. Your parents are willing to pay for the computer if you explain to them the major parts and functions of a computer system. List and describe the major parts and functions of the computer system

A computer is an electronic device that follows instructions to accept input, process data, produces output and stores the output. A computer performs activities such as making calculations quickly, sorting large lists and searching through a vast information library. This essay will elaborate on the major parts and functions of a computer system that are input, process, output and storage.

A computer input is whatever put in the computer system. The computer input that can be processed are words and symbols in a document, number for calculation, instructions for completing a task, pictures and audio signals from the microphones. The most common input devices are keyboard and mouse. A keyboard is used to type commands, instructions and messages and transmitting them to the central processing unit for interpretation and action. A mouse is used for pointing at items displayed on the screen and activating them by clicking the mouse buttons. Other input devices are scanner, joysticks, trackballs, light pen and bar code readers.

Moreover a computer process systematic series of action directed towards a goal. The processor of the central processing unit is part of a computer that interprets and executes instructions, performs arithmetic and logic operations and directs the input, output and storage operations. A microprocessor has three components that are control unit, arithmetic logic unit and memory. Control unit tells the rest of the computer how to carry out a programs instruction. Arithmetic logic unit performs two types of operation, arithmetic and logical. Arithmetic operations include the fundamental math’s operation, such as addition, subtraction, division and multiplication. Logical operations are compared to see...

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