Beowolf essay

Beowolf essay

Chapter 1

Once upon a time a big scary monster sat in the dark, growled in pain. Meanwhile music filled the halls. The happy harps played, the poets sang about the world started. They sang of god making the earth, shaping. Meadows and oceans, the creation of day and night, forests, plants, animals, people, and countries. While warriors were singing their songs, King Hrothgar and his men lived happy lives until the monster, Grendal, awoke. The hungry monster Grendal haunted the swamps and made the townspeople feel miserable. He was born of evil creatures. Those demons were kicked out by god! They were split into a thousand forms of evil-spirits and monsters. They opposed god and were defeated again and again.

Chapter 2

Then that night Grendal went to Herot wondering what the warriors would do after dinner. He found them asleep from a long day. The monster acted quickly and went into their rooms. He killed the thirty men and took their bodies back to his home.
In the morning, they saw the blood and what Grendal had done. They had a ceremony for those they had lost. King Hrothgar was sad over the death of his friends. That night Grendal came again and the only survivors were those who had left Herot.
Grerndal now ruled Herot and it stayed empty for twelve years. Hrothgar’s pain was known and felt by all at the Danes. Grendal’s hatred was strong in the people. Hrothgar’s warriors were hunted in the darkness by the death that surrounded Herot.
So the killing continued in and around Herot, but Grendal never dared to touch the throne that was protected by God. His noblemen debated on solutions to Grendal’s killings. They even made sacrifices to Stone Gods in search of support from Hell. God didn’t approve of this so he held back any help to the Danes. God be with those who rise to get God’s forgiveness.

Chapter 3

The sadness of Hrothgar continued because no one had the strength to kill Grendal. The...

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