Best vs Worst Movies

Best vs Worst Movies

Best and Worst Movies.

I've seen a lot of movies and it is hard to pick a best or worst movie. I really had to spend a good amount of time to figure out what I would pick as the best and the worst movies. I even spent most the day watching a few movies.

The best movie of all time in my eyes is Crash (2004). This movie ever since I saw it in 04 has been one of my favorites. The story telling is amazing, it shows the lives of many different people and how they can all intertwine. My favorite part of this movie is how it shows that how you see a person doesn’t mean that is how that person really is. Look at Matt Dillon’s character, he is seen as a racist jerk and just a mean spirited person. Then we see later that all he wants to do is help his father and when he sees a woman he wronged earlier in the movie he did not think twice about saving her from her over turned car even tho she didn’t want him to help. The acting in this movie is phenomenal. Even the rapper Ludacris is very good in it which surprised the hell out of me.

Now the worst movie ever has to be Movie 43 that came out earlier this year. Sadly I wasted 20+ dollars on tickets and a drink and food for me and my date. The movie was just awful. It was a bunch of short stories put together. Normally I like crude humor and stuff like that. Parts of this movie where just to far over the top kind of like the scary movie series. A few of the storys where all right but most where laugh less. Where Crash got your emotions going at points could bring tears to your eyes while Movie 43 only brought out my feelings of regret and disgust. Both where an all star casts but Crash showed there talents where Movie 43 Showed that some of these actors should stay away from comedy.

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